What is Byte?

A part of Ball State University’s award winning College of Communication, Information, and Media, Byte is student-run, multimedia coalition operating out of Ball State University’s Unified Media Lab. Though mostly oriented toward Telecommunications and Journalism majors, Byte draws in students studying all sorts of disciplines ranging from Creative Writing to Computer Science and everything in between.

Student staff members work closely with the student-run editorial board to refine their skills and improve the quality of content produced for the organization. Byte is dedicated to providing the best in entertainment and pop culture related content.

Byte achieves this excellence in the form of regularly produced news, reviews, features, graphics, podcasts, and videos. Student staff members work diligently to make sure readers get the best information and entertainment, all while providing student staff hands-on learning opportunities through the Department of Journalism.

Many members of the Byte staff have received awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Gold Circle awards for individual podcasts, reviews, news features, first-person experiences, and opinion pieces. Byte was also a recipient the CSPA’s 2019 Silver Crown Award in the Digital General Magazine.

Editorial Staff 

Emily Reuben

Emily is a Telecommunications (Film and Media Studies) major minoring in Japanese and Professional Writing in Emerging Media. Her review Netflix's 'Death Note' grossly misunderstands why the original was a success and feature article Studying Abroad in Japan: The weebs are wrong won honorable mentions in the CSPA journalism awards categories for Entertainment Reviews and First Person Experiences. She is the 2018-2019 host for the Input 2 podcast. In the past, Emily has interned at WFYI Indianapolis as a Production Intern and studied abroad in Japan.

Matthew Yapp
Managing Editor

Matthew is a Communications Major and a storyteller with a passion for the unusual. He is trying to make people happy through words.

Tt Shinkan
Creative Director

Tatiana "Tt" Shinkan is a junior Journalism-Graphics student at Ball State University. She has won awards for her design work in both Ball Bearings Magazine and Byte. She is extremely dedicated to whatever she does and puts heart into everything. She hopes to one day work for Rooster Teeth Productions down in Austin, Texas.

Jeremy Rogers
Senior News Editor

Jeremy is junior majoring in News Journalism and Telecommunications and minoring in Political Science and American History. Though he is Byte’s Senior News Editor, he also writes reviews, features, and guest stars on podcasts.

Joe Bursley
Senior Features Editor

Joe is a sophomore Telecommunications major at Ball State. Joe's focus at Byte is writing and editing for the Features section. After graduation, Joe hopes to work as a producer at a news studio and eventually publish a book or two.

Tanner Kinney
Senior Reviews Editor

Tanner Kinney is a Film and Media Studies major and a Digital Media minor. His Neo Yokio review won a second-place CSPA Golden Circle award for the 2017 semester. He enjoys playing JRPG's of any variety, regardless of how obscure and strange it is. Tanner is also the host of Byte at the Movies, the premiere movie discussion live-stream.

Ben Sapet
Senior Copy-Editor

Ben Sapet is a Writing and Rhetoric major minoring in Creative Writing and Literature. He is interested in exploring the areas at which art and pop culture intersect. Ben spends most of his time reading, writing, and generally staring at screens. He hopes to make a career for himself as a freelance editor (so he can continue to read, write, and stare at screens).

Tyler Wheatley
Executive Podcast Editor

Tyler is a Computer Technology major minoring in Business Administration and Computer Science. He is the host of Remixed, Byte's music podcast and has served as a co-host of the podcast Input 2.

Phil Akin
Executive Video Prodcuer

Phil majors in both Creative Writing and Telecommunications. He likes to add his own personality when he edits video content. Phil enjoys video games on the rare occasion he has free time, and is always looking for new music. 

Kailey Fugate
Community Manager

Kailey is a senior Public Relations major at Ball State University. She is currently the Community Manger for Byte and is looking forward to completing here first year as Community Manager. 

Head shots courtesy of Kyle Crawford

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