by Matthew Yapp

Well it happened again. An Apple press conference has come and gone, and with that we have three brand new phones that you could choose to spend your money on. Now I would recommend that you go with the new iPhone XR seeing as it’s decently priced and has the best battery life and you can get it in a variety of colors. That is not what we’re here to talk about today though. What we are here to talk about is the iPhone XS Max and the fact that if you get its highest storage capacity you will be paying a grand total of 1449 dollars, and that’s before you start thinking about activation fees, screen protectors, and anything else you’d need. Now clearly that is pricey, however I am not going to tell you rather you should or should not buy it. What I will be tell you are the other things you could buy for this price

A Heart-attack Inducing Amount of Wendy’s

Image from QSR

Wendy’s has a wonderful meal deal called the 4 for $4 in which you get a small fry, four chicken nuggets, your choice of drink, and a sandwich or wrap all for four dollars. So rather than buy the iPhone XS you could just go ahead and get 362 of the 4 for $4’s. I mean come on that’s 362 burgers, 362 drinks, 1448 nuggets, and an incredible number of fries. Also, if you decided to buy all of these before September 30th, Wendy’s is currently doing a deal where you can get a free burger with every purchase. So, if you want to take the time to buy all your 4 for $4s separately, then you can actually eat 724 burgers.

You can Save MoviePass

The movie subscription service MoviePass is currently facing some financial struggles as a result of their questionable business plan. However, with the money you may use to buy the iPhone could instead be used to keep them afloat for a little while longer.  At just $9.95 a month you could get 145 months of MoviePass. That’s over 12 years of free movies unless of course the company finally fails before that, which is extremely likely but hey, maybe your longtime subscription will be what they need to make it… but probably not.

A Beautiful Hawaiian Vacation

Image from Kilauea Hospitality Group

Sure, the new iPhone has a fantastic camera, but what is the camera worth if you’re not somewhere worth taking pictures? With the help of this Kayak package you can take a journey to one of the most beautiful places in the country. This includes flight and a seven day stay at the Chalet Kilauea Rainforest Hotel. You can spend your week surrounded by rainforest and just five minutes from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Of course, you could just pass on that trip for an iPhone XS Max instead because, after all, it does have the biggest screen of any iPhone ever and that is pretty enticing.

A Pretentious Dog

Image from Dogster

Why would you want to flex on your friends and pretend you’re better than people with an overpriced phone when you can do that with a dog? Now, the price will vary breeder to breed, but the average price for a purebred is a little over 1000 dollars. That leaves you plenty of money to get it groomed, buy an overpriced collar, and get a little bit of dog training in.

Every Game Console

Image from Express

It is very important to be on the cutting edge of gaming, but what console do you prefer? Well no need to worry because rather than buying an iPhone you could just buy all the consoles. You can get the newest pieces of hardware from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo rather than getting the newest tech from apple. If you purchase from Walmart you can get a Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X for the low low price $1238.90. That leaves you about $200 left over to spend. Since brand new games on all of these consoles usually fall into the price of $60-80 dollars you can also just go ahead and buy a new game for each of these consoles as well.

Be Supreme

Image from Supreme New York

One of the most respected brands out there right now is Supreme. I mean down to selling out newspapers when they stuck their logo on a specialty issue, Supreme is the brand everyone wants. If you’re willing to forgo the new iPhone you can have it. Well, not all of it, but some. A single jacket from supreme can cost up to $998 dollars so you won’t be able to buy out the store, but you’re sure to get a few choice items. 

Now the new iPhone is certainly neat… I guess, but hopefully this list has made you realize that there is a lot more that you’re able to get for this price. But who knows, maybe you already have all of this and just have $1449 dollars sitting in your wallet you’ve been meaning to spend. If that is the case, then absolutely, go buy an iPhone XS Max.

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Images: QSRKilauea Hospitality GroupDogsterExpressSupreme New York


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