by Jeremy Rogers

Nintendo started out their livestream with an announcement about Splatoon 2. Hisashi Nogami, one of the lead producers for Splatoon 2 gave a prerecorded presentation about new maps and weapons coming to the game in the near future. This time instead of dabbing with dualies, Nogami made an “S” hand sign every time he said the title of his game. Shown first was a new map for competitive and turf war modes called the Manta Maria.

The massive sailboat Manta Maria map will be added to the game for free on August 26th. The second announcement was of the new special attack being added to the game: the Bubble Blower. The bubble blower and the gun that has the special, the Forge Splattershot Pro, will be available a week after the new map is introduced on September 2nd. Both Manta Maria and the Bubble Blower were teased during a Splatoon 2 Direct earlier this summer. The third and final reveal was for a new map for the Salmon Run mode titled, the Lost Outpost. This new map features an abandoned building which means walls that obstruct players’ views of their teammates making signaling even more important. This new map goes live today, Wednesday August 23rd. Nintendo’s day one stream ended with a few rounds of Turf War being played on Manta Maria with all eight players using the Forge Splattershot Pro.

Source: YouTube

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