by Daley Wilhelm

After being continually teased throughout the summer, Overwatch’s newest hero Doomfist dropped today via an explosive, anime-style cinematic.

Doomfist has been long awaited by fans, his famous fist first appearing in the cinematic trailer that announced Overwatch over a year ago. Two days ago Blizzard finally gave the ominous villain a name: Akande Ogundimu.

Poster in the final defending spawn room on the Numbani map featuring the names of the previous incarnations of Doomfist

According to the Overwatch Wikia, the title Doomfist is a legacy rather than a single person. Before Ogundimu there were two others who wielded the gauntlet that gives the name Doomfist. In an in-universe blog post, the Times of Numbani foreshadowed Doomfist’s eventual prison break saying that there was an attack on Helix Securities, the prison that held Ogundimu, by a “black shadowy figure.” Evidence suggests this is Reaper, especially considering Ogundimu’s affiliation with Talon.

In-universe, this prison break was a while ago, since Doomfist was the one who left the crater in the Numbani map when he destroyed the city’s new line of defense robots called OR15s, leading to the creation of Orisa. This is where he reclaimed his considerable gauntlet.

This cybernetic glove powers abilities like Rocket Punch and Seismic Slam, both of which deliver considerable damage and are fairly self-explanatory, Rocket Punch being the more devastating of the two, packing 100 damage and more should the target impact a wall. He’s a serious assault character focused on melee and short-ranged attacks. His primary attack, Hand Cannon, lies in his other hand which fires short bursts and regenerates ammo over time. Players are given some mobility with his Rising Uppercut ability, which can knock enemies into the air and be combined with other moves for maximum utility.

Doomfist’s ultimate is the positively destructive Meteor Strike, wherein he leaps into the sky–off the map–giving the player about five seconds to aim his landing before he crashes down, creating a crater that deals 300 damage to whoever is unlucky enough to be in the center and walloping what appears to be around 175 to those a little farther off.

Doomfist is the ultimate in offensive with his Passive “The Best Defense…” clearly being a good offense since he generates 30 points of shields each time he hits an enemy with an ability.

With a fittingly aggressive play style considering his ultraviolent cinematic trailer, it’s easy to see why fan-favorite Terry Crews was not chosen to voice Doomfist despite rumors and the actor’s own enthusiasm for the game. Instead Doomfist is voiced by Sahr Ngaujah, an American theater director and Tony Award-nominated actor who has appeared in films such as Stomp the Yard (2007) and Money Monster (2016).

Doomfist’s massive fingerprints have been all over Overwatch lore from the beginning, and at last he is available for players to try out in Blizzard’s Public Test Region and for the Internet to make memes about.


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