By Sarah James

WARNING: This review contains spoilers for previous episodes of Supernatural.

“Dude, don’t compliment the bad guys.” –Dean Winchester

The whole gang is here for this week’s episode of Supernatural. Well, everyone except for Castiel. This week, we get more information about the British Men of Letters, the return of Kelly Kline and Dagon, an update on Mary Winchester, an insight into the dynamic between Crowley and Lucifer, and an old friend returns to the Winchesters. All of these elements combined make for an extremely busy episode, yet the team at Supernatural tackle each element in a way that is more entertaining than overwhelming. Unlike “Family Feud” which tackled way too much, “The British Invasion” doesn’t have a typical case thrown into the mix. Rather, it brings together the majority of the major characters and creates a tense narrative that is somewhat resolved by the end of the episode while also sustaining the overarching season plot. It’s fast paced; it has a lot of great moments and is a fun ride from beginning to end.

First of all, we get a lot more detail about Mick Davies and his upbringing with the British Men of Letters. His behavior throughout this season and his opinions of the American hunters is made much clearer after learning of how he was trained to act. Personally, I’ve had doubts in him as a character so far this season, but this backstory makes him a little more sympathetic.

We also see the return of Eileen Leahy, a deaf hunter who was first introduced in the eleventh episode of last season. Eileen quickly became a fan favorite, and is the only hunter with a disability that has appeared on the show on top of being a strong and capable woman. The question of Kelly Kline and her unborn lovechild with Lucifer has been an important problem for the Winchesters since the midseason finale, and to have Eileen be the one to track down Kelly Kline and Dagon is an amazing testament to her character.

We also get a little more information about Crowley and Lucifer in this episode. When we last saw the former and current Kings of Hell face off, things didn’t look so great for the original fallen angel. However, long times fans will be pleased to hear the Lucifer isn’t down for the count quite yet. Overall, “The British Invasion” does a pretty solid job at pushing the season’s plot forward. Kelly Kline’s pregnancy has to be reaching its end, and Lucifer’s response to his child is sure to cause a whole world of hurt for the Winchesters. Add that to their cautious cooperation with the British Men of Letters and the boys’ unstable relationship with their wayward mother, and the rest of Season Twelve is sure to be interesting.


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Supernatural: Season 12, Episode 17: "The British Invasion”

7.5 Good

“The British Invasion” is a busy but exciting episode that pushes the overall plot forward. With quality backstory and the return of an amazing character, this episode makes its mark on the season.

  • Plot 7
  • Characters 8.5
  • Visuals 7

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