Fantastically Mundane was piloted in the Spring semester of 2016 and continually worked on and polished since. The cast and crew quickly expanded as time went on, and it is thanks to their efforts that we can present this radio drama.

Executive Producer and Original Concept

Daley Wilhelm

Head Writer

Sarah James

Writing Team

Daley Wilhelm
Sarah James
Matthew Yapp
Tt Shinkan
Adam Sellers
Kathleen Eastham

Scene Director

Dalton Martin

Recording Cast

Jack McGinnis as Marley
Eamon Hegarty as Fauster
Tt Shinkan as Nikki
Jodi Aleshire as Sunshine
Mark Judge as Declan
Daezy Gilder as Azzie

Editing Team

Sarah James
Daley Wilhelm
Mitch Smolek

Original music provided by Jack McGinnis

Marketing Team

Matthew Yapp
Briana Marvell
Daley Wilhelm
Sarah James

All original art provided by Tt Shinkan

Special thanks to Dalton Martin and Wes Womble for quality control. Thanks also to each and every listener.


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