What is Byte?

A part of Ball State University’s award winning College of Communication, Information, and Media, Byte is a student-run, multimedia coalition operating out of Ball State University’s Unified Media Lab. Though mostly oriented toward Telecommunications and Journalism majors, Byte draws in students studying all sorts of disciplines ranging from Creative Writing to Computer Science and everything in between.

Student staff work closely with the student-run editorial board to help refine their skills and improve the quality of content produced for the organization. We are dedicated to providing the best in entertainment and pop culture related content.

We achieve this in the form of regularly produced news, reviews, features, graphics, podcasts, and videos. We work diligently to make sure that you get the best information and entertainment we can provide while providing student staff with hands on learning opportunities provided by the Department of Journalism.

Editorial Staff 

Emily Reuben
Emily is a Telecommunications (Film and Media Studies) major minoring in Japanese and Professional Writing in Emerging Media. Emily writes film and gaming reviews.
Matthew Yapp
Managing Editor
Matt is a Political Science major who really wishes he was a Marine Biology major instead. Matt says he just tries to make people happy with words.
Daley Wilhelm
Creative Director and Features Editor
Daley is a Telecommunications (Video Production) major who also minors in Japanese. Through Byte she does graphic design, video editing, podcast hosting, visual effects, and most importantly writing. Daley does this through the scope of examining the impact pop culture has on our everyday lives.
Sarah James
Podcast Editor and Community Manager
Sarah double majors in Telecommunications and Creative Writing and is a creative and motivated individual with a passion for telling stories.She loves watching and dissecting films and television shows, writing, listening to music, and producing videos. She also has her own YouTube channel where she documents her hobby as a makeup artist. After graduation, she hopes to work for The Walt Disney Company.
Michael Robb
Video Producer
Jeremy Rogers
News Editor
Jeremy is a major in News Journalism and Telecommunications and minors in Political Science and American History.
Ryan Fine
Reviews Editor
Ryan is a Music Media Production major who wrote the first ever Byte music review and has been involved with nearly every other section at some point. He is also an event planner at Village Green Records and the primary booking coordinator for the store's outdoor concerts.
Aidan Kearney
Senior Copy-Editor
Aidan is a General Studies major with a concentration in Computer Security and a Anthropology minor. With his education, Aidan's end goal is to have a professional career at the Defense Information Systems Agency. Using my spare time the best that he can, Aidan like to build Gundam models or play the Silent Hill series ad nauseam.

Head shots courtesy of Terence K. Lightning Jr.

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