by Lucas Miller

Amidst the seemingly endless supply of subscription-based television options, YouTube has decided to throw its hat into the ring with the announcement of YouTube TV. Priced at $35 a month, the service – which will launch this Spring – will offer subscribers a number of channels from the four major networks: Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC. The base package will include three dozen different channels.

YouTube TV will offer other benefits to subscribers as well, even with the basic package. These include a cloud-based DVR with unlimited storage, a recommendation system backed by Google AI, and the promise of a reliable and adaptable streaming experience.

The service, which will be provided through its own app, is being billed as a “mobile first” service, which means that it will be tailored to users who enjoy watching content on their phones. However, users will still be able to watch TV on their laptops, computers, or on traditional televisions via Chromecast devices.

With so many options available for streaming television content, I’m curious whether YouTube’s offering will catch on or get lost in the crowd. We will have to wait find out when the service launches in the Spring.

Source: Recode

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