This week, The Coven recaps The Grammys now that the dust has settled. There were some incredible wins (Chance the Rapper) and some surprising losses (Beyonce). We discuss the frustrations of white artists being recognized over black artists, what institution is to blame, and different celebrity reactions to this year’s Grammy Awards.

Last Oscar awards season we talked about the number one trending hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. This year’s awards have a stunning amount of diversity because of films like Hidden Figures and Moonlight. Was the hashtag successful? Did it have impact?

Or is there a continuing issue? Join us as we talk people of color in the film industry, the Oscars’ sketchy history, and why those who vote on the awards are mostly old, white dudes.

Hosts: Daley Wilhelm, Wes Womble, Kora Wilson

Logo by: Meghan Duffy and Daley Wilhelm

Music by: Jack McGinnis

Edited by: Daley Wilhelm

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