by Eben Griger

Despite being a staple of Indiana culture, Indy Scream Park, located in Anderson, finds new ways to bring the scares each and every year. Whether that’s in the form of new attractions, like Kilgore’s 3D Circus, or classics like the Brickmore Asylum, Indy Scream Park makes changes every year to keep things fresh.

While most people come for the attractions, that doesn’t mean that’s where all the scares remain. Actors roam the entrance to the park, creeping up on unsuspecting attendees for a quick scare. Sometimes, actors go so far as to wait outside a restroom and wait to pounce on anyone unlucky enough to exit.

Photography by Eben Griger

One of the new actors, known only as “The Butcher,” had a few words to share about his favorite scares.

“We’ve gotten a few people to see us and actually run out of the park. Didn’t go to any of the Haunts, they just ran out of the park. We’ve had a couple people cry, but then we’ve had 7 and 8-year-olds, and they’re just not scared of anything. Every night it’s something different here. It’s great.”

The Butcher is joined by asylum patients and clowns wandering throughout the park, given full reign to scare attendees, so long as they don’t touch anyone. This doesn’t mean they won’t get as close as possible though, but that’s all part of the allure of Indy Scream Park.

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Photography: Eben Griger

Photo Editing: Jeremy Rogers, Eben Griger

Video: Host – Matthew Yapp
Camerawork – Phil Akin
Graphics – Isabella Torres
Post Production – Alexander Smith, Dylan Bateson

Featured Image: Isabella Torres


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