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Following a movie as funny and outlandish as Deadpool, Deadpool 2 had high expectations to meet. The R-rated not quite superhero movie Deadpool 2, like the first, breaks the fourth wall and makes references as often as possible. The humor does not let up from start to finish, but the movie does contain some unexpected twists and turns.

Scout Master Kevin???

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One of the things people loved about the first Deadpool movie was the inappropriate humor, and that does not disappoint in this movie. It seemed a little lighter than the first, but by no means did it skimp. The best parts of the movie made you laugh out loud. Some jokes were easy to catch, but most of them were references made by Ryan Reynolds’ character, Deadpool. He managed to reference quite a few Marvel characters as well, calling Domino a “black Black Widow” at one point.

Although most of the movie was made to be humorous, there were a few lower intensity moments in the film. These moments helped progress the plot, but they didn’t have as much of an impact as they were meant to. A lot of jaw-dropping scenes didn’t make me feel anything really, even though I felt I should’ve. A major scene at the beginning of the film, which should have been shocking and almost heartbreaking, didn’t really feel like much. It was almost disappointing.

Gender neutral X-Men

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This movie introduces the X-Force, a group of mutants (and one random guy named Peter) that Deadpool puts together to save a kid by the named Russell (aka Firefist). This was seen in the trailer for the film, but an unexpected turn took place with these characters. In the midst of these people, even though they didn’t have much screen time, was an unexpected cameo by Brad Pitt. These characters brought some more humor to the film.

The plot started off at a low point before gaining speed and became so much more. The majority of the film was spent with Deadpool trying to get his heart in the right place to reunite with his love, so he decides he needs to protect this kid, Russell. To do that, Deadpool must fight Cable, who wants to kill Russell because of what he does in the future. There is a lot of action in the film that flows nicely. For some of the action sequences, they like to slow the scene down, an editing technique they did in the first. This adds more emotion and just makes some fight scenes look cooler.

Luck Isn’t a Superpower

This is a movie where a lot of powers are shown off and given screen time. Domino’s luck looked really awesome on the big screen because things always worked out in her favor, no matter how impossible it may seen. Russell’s fire power, when he gets to use it, is another of my favorites. As a kid, he is a lot more powerful than most. This movie also showed Colossus fighting dirty, a change for his character.

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A lot of this movie focused on how certain characters developed over time. Deadpool may not be the best influence, but Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead learned from how he went about things. Sometimes you need to fight dirty. The character development for Deadpool was also impressive. By the end of the movie, he allowed himself to care for others.

Cable was an interesting character, especially since he was from the future. He wasn’t like your normal villain and had good reasons for why he wanted to kill Russell. The twist with him at the end was unexpected, but it added to the vibe of the movie.

What’s great about Deadpool is how much he likes to break the fourth wall and talk to the audience. He also likes to give some spoilers for what’s to come. This is a movie you have to pay attention to in order to understand all of the references. The end credits scene was probably one of the best scenes of the entire movie and elevated the level of humor. My personal favorite was the very last one.

Overall, Deadpool 2 was a great movie. It didn’t hold up to some emotions at times, but made up for it with the humor. The first one was better, but this one can hold its own compared to it. It still contains the same Deadpool character everyone had fallen in love with in the first movie. The soundtrack fit the movie perfectly, and helped add to what was shown on the screen.

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Deadpool 2

7.3 Good

The humor in 'Deadpool 2' makes the movie worth watching and makes it an enjoyable experience. It’s fun to try and catch all of the references. The characters were enjoyable and grew throughout the movie. The action looked awesome, and the humor even showed up in serious moments.

  • Humor 9
  • Plot 6
  • Action 7

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