by Phil Akin

Warning: This review may contain spoilers for this episode and previous episodes of The Walking Dead.

“Some Guy” is as filler as a filler episode could possibly be. It turns out that Ezekiel’s rants from last week’s episode about “not losing one of their ranks” turned into “losing all but three.” Since Rick and Daryl did show up for a few minutes, we had to sit through a primarily Ezekiel-focused episode this week. Yay. Somehow that’s not even the worst part. In this week’s episode, viewers witnessed the death of one of The Walking Dead’s most beloved characters: Jerry’s axe. Now a moment of silence for our fallen brother. Oh, and Shiva died too. Because that was a completely necessary and unavoidable death that drove Ezekiel to become a more well-rounded character. Honestly, Jerry breaking his axe was the most emotional moment this episode.

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This episode opens with Khary Payton going through his daily routine to get into costume for King Ezekiel. This is of course followed by another pompous speech by Ezekiel before he leaves the Kingdom to fight the Saviors. This time, however, his speech is pleasantly juxtaposed with the aftermath of his men getting utterly wrecked. Ezekiel crawls out from under a pile of dead bodies and finds he’s been shot in the leg. On the bright side, now he has a legitimate excuse to use his cane.

Somehow Alvaro manages to survive the ambush on the Kingdom warriors and tries to help Ezekiel along until he’s unfortunately shot in the back by none other than Gunther! Who is Gunther you may ask? Well he’s a one-off Savior, so don’t get too attached. He wants to bring Ezekiel back to Negan, so the two begin their journey towards the Sanctuary. After stopping to speak to each other a few times (even though Walkers are right behind them), the pair finally encounter a fence locked with a chain.

With nowhere to go, Gunther tries to kill Ezekiel and escape, but then he gets deus ex machina’d when Jerry releases his inner Carol and cuts Gunther right in half. Things then take an unfortunate turn as Jerry tries to save both Ezekiel and himself by prying the locked chain with his axe, only for the axe to then break. I, along with the rest of America, was in utter disbelief when this happened. All of this was taking place the same time Carol was inside the compound waging a one-woman war against the Saviors.

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Carol gets to have a couple cool scenes of taking out a few Saviors (while hiding in the ceiling of all places) and generally being the badass we all know she is. Being the cunning woman she is, Carol tricks a few of the Saviors into thinking she has surrendered and surprises them by holding one of their own hostage. Unsurprisingly, the Saviors open fire on their own man which was just the distraction Carol needed to escape. It is surprising, however, that she chose to save Ezekiel and Jerry instead of killing the Saviors that she was much closer to. Thankfully she did, otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten that awesome car chase scene with Rick and Daryl.

There isn’t much to say about this chase scene in all honesty. Rick and Daryl chase down the few saviors that Carol doesn’t kill and kill them for her. The Saviors shoot at the pair of survivors, Daryl shoots back, a couple cars run off the road. It’s what you expect from a car chase. While it was cool and a welcome change from this rather mundane episode, it wasn’t a huge part of the episode.

Finally, after Carol saves Ezekiel and Jerry, the trio make their way through the woods trying to get back to the Kingdom. They encounter a creek with a lot of waterlogged Walkers lurking around. King Ezekiel finally drops his act during this part and yells at Jerry, saying “I ain’t nobody, just some guy.”

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Shiva also makes a surprise and useless entrance by killing a Walker before being surrounded and eaten. Clearly she was trying to save Ezekiel, or at least make a distraction. But why? She could probably wipe out most, if not all, of those Walkers. But no, she just swipes at them a couple times and roars, doing nothing to save herself. There was no emotional weight to this death whatsoever, and only served as a way to further break Ezekiel. Shiva joins the group of unnecessary deaths alongside Beth and Glenn. Hopefully Ezekiel drops his cringy king act and becomes his normal, pre-apocalyptic self after this episode.

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The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 4: “Some Guy”

6.3 Okay

“Some Guy” largely felt like a waste of time. Ezekiel isn’t the most interesting character to begin with, but the writers do try to make him more normal by the end of the episode. Hopefully that change in attitude sticks. This episode also added another character to the list of deaths that didn’t need to happen and had no emotional pull. R.I.P. Shiva and Jerry’s axe.

  • Acting 8
  • Writing 6
  • Development 5

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