by Eben Griger

Thursday, as a guest on Dr. Oz, actor and comedian Corey Feldman named the man that sexually abused him as a teen: fellow actor John Grissom. Oz also said that Feldman gave him more names off-air. Grissom and Feldman co-starred in License to Drive (1988) and Dream a Little Dream (1989), along with fellow star Corey Haim, Feldman’s longtime friend and fellow victim.

This follows last week’s story about Feldman’s plans for a movie in which he would expose his abuser, as well as others within Hollywood and the studio that it is all connected to. This week, it seems he’s accelerated the process.

While on air, Feldman called the Los Angeles Police Department to file a report against Grissom. When contacted by The Hollywood Reporter, the LAPD confirmed that they had been contacted by Feldman, but no official report had been filed.

In 2001, Grissom was arrested on a child molestation charge unrelated to Feldman, which he was found guilty of in 2003 and served time. It was also revealed that Grissom has violated “Megan’s Law,” the law that requires convicted sex offenders to register with the state they are residing in.

Sources: USA Today, Hollywood Reporter, Byte

Image: E Online


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