by Zachary Siddiq

The voice acting union SAG-AFTRA has announced this week that they have voted to potentially end their strike on video game publishers such as Electronic Arts, Activision and Take 2.

Under the deal proposed, voice actors would receive extra compensation for each voice session worked ($75 for first, reaching $2,100 for tenth). In addition, transparency would be given for upcoming projects (such as detailing genre of game, profanity and violent/sexual content), and a guarantee from publishers that the issue of vocal stress in actors would be addressed later.

Absent from the list are developer demands that late or distracted performers be fined, and that smaller, “atmospheric” roles could be used without membership in SAG-AFTRA.

Internal opinions about the deal are positive. One member leaving an internal meeting said, “It seems like they’re going to ratify it… It’s a pretty good deal.”

SAG-AFTRA has been on strike with the video game industry since October 21st of last year. Citing a need for an “interactive contract for the 21st century”, members of the union have refused to do voice work for a number of large video game publishers.

SAG-AFTRA will count votes from its members on November 7 to accept or deny the proposal.

Sources: Deadline, SAG-AFTRA

Image: TechRaptor


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