by Eben Griger

Nintendo has announced their newest in the Animal Crossing franchise, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. As the name implies, the new game is coming to mobile devices, rather than the Switch or 3DS, late Nov 2017.

In the game you manage a campsite, rather than a town. Gameplay revolves around building furniture and amenities like pools and lounges for animals (each one has their favorite thing). Complete quests for camp-goers to build up their friendship levels, and you get materials to craft these things. Quests can be anything from picking apples, to fishing, to bug catching.

High end furniture and amenities take longer to create, and some crafting materials can prove elusive, but like any mobile game, microtransactions are the answer. You can spend “Leaf Bucks” to speed up crafting times or get crafting materials. This currency can be obtained through real-world purchases or through in game activities (though no doubt in smaller quantities).

Friends are a big part of this game too. You can visit the camp sites of friends and occasionally find your friends wandering around your camp site (provided your friendship level is high enough).

Pocket Camp also includes things like a marketplace for new clothes, a fully customizable RV, seasonal events and a real-time day/night cycle.

Source: YouTube

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