by Eben Griger

When it comes to farming, the names you associate with it probably aren’t Arkelstorp, Mastholmen or Uppfatta, but thanks to a successful test run at the London Design Festival, they might be soon.

Ikea’s innovation lab Space10 has engineered a consumer-friendly way to grow your own crops indoors: an indoor, LED-lit hydroponics box. Hydroponics isn’t new by any means, but getting it in an easy-to-transport, easy-to-set-up package changes the way a lot of people think about indoor gardening.

Lokol, as Space10 is calling it, is estimated to use 90 percent less water and grow plants three times faster than traditional outdoor gardening. In the future, Space10 looks to add sensors to the Lokol, allowing users to track how their plants are doing remotely as well as get feedback from the sensors, letting them garden more effectively.

There’s no definitive word as to if the Lokol will ever hit shelves, but if it does, apartments, dorms and city housing could have access to spices and things that liven up the menu for low income people.

Source(s): Business Insider, Mic

Image(s): YouTube


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