by Nolan Leahy

Netflix recently pulled an episode off of its service from the show called Maya the Bee.

The show is intended for young children and is marketed to be family friendly. Despite this, the removed episode included male genitalia drawn on the inside of a log.

Netflix is taking legal action for the inappropriate drawing.

The drawing can be seen within the first six minutes of the 35th episode, and it made parents livid.

Another infamous instance of inserting male genitalia into a children’s show, Disney’s original VHS copy cover of The Little Mermaid, drew the same controversy.

While it was a mistake to put this on the cover of the tape’s case, it drew much infamy towards Disney for the controversy. The same could also be done for Maya the Bee in this case, although it’s doubtful that it will harm the future of the show.

Sources: Fortune, Business Insider, ABC15 Arizona

Images: YouTube


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