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The brand-new iPhone X, which is pronounced “iPhone ten” despite its appearance, was announced Tuesday night at Apple’s press conference and got many fans of the company excited. Coming with edge to edge screens, OLED, wireless charging, and facial identification that borders on terrifying, there is a lot to look forward to. However, something most people are not looking forward to is the price. Coming in at a devastating $999, this is Apple’s priciest phone by a long shot. While some people will happily hand over the money for a chance to be an early adapter to the tech, I was left wondering how that money could be used in a better way.


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While prices obviously vary across the country you can find apartments and even houses with rent well under the thousand-dollar mark in a vast majority of US cities. While a glass back on your phone is cool, I am of the personal belief that a place to live might just be cooler.

Copious Amounts of Taco Bell

While it’s not the healthiest option, it’s certainly a delicious one. The most expensive item on Taco Bell’s menu is their Supreme Variety Pack priced at $17.99 and comes with 12 tacos. Rather than buying the new iPhone you could get 55 of these packs which translates to 660 tacos. That’s 133,650 calories of unauthentic Mexican cuisine for your enjoyment.

More Cats than Manageable

I understand how tempting the new iPhone could be but ask yourself this, “can my phone crawl into my lap and cuddle with me?” If your answer is yes then you have more problems than an expensive phone. Cats are lovable, and with one thousand dollars you could adopt about 38 cats from a local PetSmart to love. With any luck adopting all those cats can also land you on an episode of My Strange Addiction, which is a prize in its own right.

College Credit

That’s right!, you can get a college education rather than getting a smart phone, although it’d be considerably less fun. If you’re wondering how much credit you could get for this price the average price of a college course is $594.46 so you could take one class, almost two… that’s a problem to discuss another day.

Avocado Toast

The ultimate Millennial dilemma: should you buy a house, an iPhone X, or avocado toast. While the other two may seem tempting, I should point out that at the rough estimate of $8 for avocado toast you could get 124 pieces. You could have 41 days of nothing but heavenly, toasty goodness for three meals a day.

Clearly the options are bountiful and it’s safe to say there are a plethora of options that you can purchase that would be better than the new iPhone, however if you already have all of this and have $999 lying around, feel free to upgrade your phone.

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