by Daley Wilhelm

This afternoon at EA’s E3 event EA Play, we got a glimpse of a lot of familiar names, and a tease of some new ones. Specifically, EA announced a new IP from Hazelight Studios called A Way Out.

A Way Out is a co-op focused prison break adventure written and directed by Josef Fares, the creator of the 2013 game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Brothers introduced a unique gameplay wherein one thumbstick controlled the older brother, while the other controlled the younger. A Way Out provides the same kind of gameplay idea, but is meant to be shared with another player, either online or preferably, as Fares said, on the couch, and can only be played in co-op. 

Each player controls one of the two inmates around which the driving, action-filled narrative revolves. Depending on the character, the game addresses different play styles as the new guy Vincent is more persuasive, whereas hardened convict Leo isn’t afraid of violence.

Each of these characters have their own personalities and goals, Fares said, but they have to work together. Cutscenes might play for one character, while they other is free to walk around, and they player must navigate breaking out of prison and dealing with the world beyond with their partner.

A Way Out is set for release in early 2018 and is currently in development at Hazelight Studios.


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