by Daley Wilhelm

On June 6, The Pokemon Company hosted a Pokemon Direct announcement just a week before E3. Nintendo’s Pokemon Directs are usually short, and this one was no exception, lasting just all of eight minutes. Within that time, three new games and two updates were announced.

While fans were hoping to see the rumored Pokemon Stars game for the Nintendo Switch, the first Pokemon title for the Switch will be the fighting game Pokken Tournament DX, to be released this September 22. The Direct highlighted the game’s ability for online matches, friend matches, and new Pokemon to play as such as Decidueye, Empoleon, and Croagunk. This title will have a playable demo and a tournament at this year’s E3 on the 14th,

The second announcement, and perhaps the most anticipated featured the next step in the Pokemon Sun and Moon titles: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon for the 3DS family of systems. Rather than a brand new title, the games function as an alternate story set in Alola. The trailer promises new features, teases new forms of the legendary Pokemon in each respective game, and mentioned Pokemon not available in the first version of Sun and Moon.

The two games will release globally this November 17th.

Finally, Nintendo announced the release of Pokemon Gold Version and Pokemon Silver Version for the Nintendo Virtual Console this fall. They will also be available for download September 22.


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