by Sarah James

WARNING: This episode contains spoilers for previous episodes of Supernatural.

“You, me, and Sam, we’re just better together. So now that you’re back, let’s go Team Free Will. Let’s get it done.” –Dean Winchester

Things are heating up as we near the end of Season Twelve of Supernatural. In last week’s episode, Castiel finally returned; more questions were answered about Kelly Kline and her unborn son, and Mark Pellegrino continued to shine in his roll as Lucifer. This episode perfectly sets up what is sure to be some exciting final episodes of this season while still keeping things ambiguous and unpredictable. After so many years, fans have come to expect certain things from this show, but I can honestly say that I’m not sure how the rest of this season is going to pan out. And that makes me excited.

This episode starts off pretty dark, focusing on Kelly Kline and her concern for her son as well as her fear of Dagon. This leads her to do some pretty drastic actions and make a handful of assumptions about her devil spawn of a child. We also see Cas make his return to the Winchester brothers, which is met with a ton of hostility. Castiel has been absent from quite a few episodes now, and learning of his plan to work with the angels does not sit well with Sam and especially Dean.

Which then brings us to Dagon and Lucifer and their scheme to bring the spawn of Satan into the world. It’s no secret that Mark Pellegrino is fantastic as Lucifer, and there’s a moment in this episode that will make any long time fan grin at his performance. Dagon also has some pretty sweet action sequences in this episode, with plenty of opportunities to showcase just how powerful she really is. The whole ending action sequence is exciting and is complete with a twist that should make the end of this season interesting.

“The Future” focused on the conflict between Kelly Kline, Dagon, Lucifer, and Team Free Will. There was mention of Billie the Reaper and her death yet no talk at all about the whereabouts of the British Men of Letters. With only a few episodes left, Season Twelve has a lot on it’s plate, and I can’t wait to see if it delivers.


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Supernatural Season 12, Episode 19: "The Future”

8.5 Good

“The Future” was a high energy and action packed episode that sets up the ending of Season Twelve in an exciting and inventive manner.

  • Plot 8.5
  • Characters 9
  • Visuals 8

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