by Tt Shinkan

A few years ago augmented reality seemed like only a dream, or achievable inside a science fiction movie, but just recently Snapchat has released a “world lenses” feature which will allow you to put a filter on anything. Now you can add filters to the world around you and not just your face! Just tap the screen while your camera is on the rear-facing side and these features will appear.  You can then move the lens around the screen and place them wherever you want and they’ll behave as if they are a part of the world around you.

The people at Snap Inc. said that this new feature should be easy to use and doesn’t require additional hardware to operate. They even added that these lenses will be updated daily, much like the face filters are. This update is probably one of many the people at Snap Inc. has in store for its users, and it seems like whatever they release next will be just as exciting as their previous updates.

Sources: Snap Inc.

Image: Snap Inc.


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