Aisling University for Arcane Studies has a diverse student body of magical beings from all walks of life. The main cast is comprised of six key characters, all establishing their place at the historic university.

Marley and Fauster

Marley is a young wizard, a freshman who’s dream had been to walk the halls of the best school for magic in the world. Not the best at magic himself, hardly able to spark a candle or a conversation for that matter, he became desperate. In his desperation, he made a deal with a demon named Fauster in order to gain power enough to gain acceptance into Aisling. Unfortunately for Marley, Fauster isn’t the most powerful demon himself. His greatest power seems to be sarcasm and bad jokes, mostly at Marley’s expense.

Marley is now stuck as a mediocre wizard with a massive, annoying secret in the devil sitting on his shoulder.


Sunshine is a pixie who is anything but sunshine-y. She likes darkness, not sparkles. Dead things, not rainbows. Sunshine isn’t awkward like Marley, but she doesn’t have the best track record of making friends given her thorny attitude and her obsession with studying Dark Arts.


Nikki Kelsing is not your average vampire. She denies that she’s a vampire in the first place, and understandably so. She is the daughter of the Kelsing family, a clan of hunters most known for their powerful connections to the Humanity Defense Division. Nikki has a hard time adjusting to a magical environment, but she’s trying her best. She might be backward about some things, but she’s earnest when it comes to friendship.


Declan is a druid dedicated to his studies, and to his position as a resident assistant for the Internal Exploration Living and Learning Community. Knowledgable and maybe a little uptight, he is determined to keeping his Internal Explorers out of trouble and on their way to realizing their full potential.


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