Fantastically Mundane: A Radio Drama

The Fantastically Mundane is byte’s first original, fictional production. This fifteen minute podcast follows the story of Marley, an awkward inept wizard hiding the fact that he got into the prestigious Aisling University of Arcane Studies through the equally inept demon that he is stuck sharing a headspace with.

Aisling University for Arcane Studies


Aisling University for Arcane Studies is the greatest school of magic in the world, boasting a storied history and a diverse student body of all kinds of magical creatures. Although this can cause some conflicts, Aisling strives to welcome everyone with magical potential into it’s ancient hallways.

Internal Exploration Living and Learning Community

Not everyone at Aisling realizes the full extent of their abilities immediately. For those who are having trouble finding themselves, the Internal Exploration Living and Learning Community serves as a home for students who are less magically inclined to incubate and catch up with the general student body. In the dorms, they are able to work and play together, building each other up and helping one another to realize their full potential.

Humanity Defense Division

Some humans, feeling marginalized and menaced by the magical creatures that outnumber them, have created the Humanity Defense Division in order to proactively protect themselves for species they consider problematic such as vampires or werewolves. This faction of humans are considered extremist by many, considering their “killing now to save lives later” motto.


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