by Sarah James

WARNING: This episode contains spoilers for previous episodes of Supernatural

“You put on a flannel, you pick up a gun, you go out there… either you get good fast or you get dead faster” –Dean Winchester

After a two week break, Supernatural returned to television this past Thursday, offering another solid filler episode to Season 12’s lineup. “Ladies Drink Free” is a fresh take on an old monster: the werewolf. Sam and Dean have gone up against their fair share of werewolves over the past twelve seasons with some being vicious and others more peaceful. While this week’s episode utilizes a werewolf as monster, the primary focus of the episode deals with the trustworthiness of the British Men of Letters. With Sam and now Dean on board with receiving cases from their English counterparts, this episode marks the first test of this new team.

This week, we also see the return of Claire Novak, daughter of Castiel’s vessel. Claire is one of the few strong recurring female characters in Supernatural, so any time the feisty blond teenager is on screen is sure to be entertaining. With Claire’s return, we also got to see the parental side of Sam and Dean, which is something not showcased very often. I love when the Winchesters are placed in more “normal” family situations, like having a family dinner or finding themselves caring for a kid. This paternal side of Sam and especially Dean is always refreshing for viewers, and seeing Claire tackle a werewolf side by side with the Winchesters is energetic and fun to watch.

This episode doesn’t do much when it comes to the overarching plot lines of this season. Lucifer and Crowley don’t make an appearance, Kelly Kline and her unborn child were never mentioned. We haven’t heard anything about Billie the Reaper since episode ten. All this episode does in the grand scheme of things is provide a little more information about Mick Davies and the British Men of Letters. This episode will probably be forgotten in the wake of amazing content that’s been produced this season, but it was still exciting and enjoyable to watch.

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Supernatural: Season 12, Episode 16 - Ladies Drink Free

7.2 Good

“Ladies Drink First” is a fast paced and entertaining filler episode that raises new questions and brings back old characters. While it doesn’t do much to further the season’s overarching plot, it does make for a fun watch.

  • Plot 6.5
  • Characters 8
  • Visuals 7

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