Perhaps due to the current, heated political climate there’s the recent trend of YouTubers boiling over in their own respective controversies.

The two that The Coven discusses on this episode are PewDiePie and JonTron.

PewDiePie made international headlines after his video featuring the message, “death to all Jews.” He meant this as a joke, right? Have the media blown this situation out of proportion? His video, lack of apology, general attitude, and content as of late has divided YouTube into those who side with him and those who don’t. This was a scandal that reached beyond his current audience and has attracted an alt-right following to him.

What happened with JonTron is much more recent and not nearly as prolific, but very similar to PewDiePie’s spiral. Recently he had a debate, in which he expressed some nationalist viewpoints and worrying quotes on his right-leaning views on immigration. In his statement video on the debate, he reaffirmed some ideas while defending others.

JonTron, with less of a following than PewDiePie, has lost over ten thousand subscribers and a voice acting appearance in the Yooka-Laylee video game.

What happening to our YouTubers? YouTubers enjoy the freedom of having an essentially uncensored platform in which they can say whatever they want. But should they say whatever they want? Do they have a responsibility to their, often young, audience to avoid inflammatory comments?

We ask all this and more on this excellent episode of The Coven podcast.

Hosts: Daley Wilhelm, Tyler Wheatley, Courtney Tuchman, Dalton Martin

Logo by: Meghan Duffy and Daley Wilhelm

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Edited by: Daley Wilhelm

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