By Eben Griger

We’ve all been there. You’ve lost count of how many episodes you’ve seen. You don’t know what day it is. But there is one thing you do know: your show’s theme song. The tune that played over the opening credits time and time again, winding up so stuck in your head that you can hear it in your sleep. Well that might be coming to an end.

A new option has appeared in Netflix, the option to skip the intro of shows. Both Netflix originals and third-party shows, like House of Cards and Mad Men respectively, have been reported to be sporting this new feature. Because not every show has this option, however, it is unclear how Netflix will handle shows with ever-changing cold opens, like Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

While Netflix has learned to eventually skip intros if it detects you are binging on certain shows, now you can elect to skip immediately, provided you’re watching the web version of Netflix. The feature has yet to be seen on mobile or console platforms, and no statement has been released by Netflix on when this update may be coming.


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