by Eben Griger

EDIT: This story originally reported the consoles as “leaked”. New information has concluded that the consoles were stolen from the distributor. More about that can be read here. The unedited story follows.

Pre-orders for the new Nintendo Switch have started shipping, despite the official release date of March 3rd. Several users on gaming forum NeoGAF  have said that certain stores, which were not disclosed, have shipped out Switches to customers. No games have been included and many of the systems features are not yet live, but a video has been posted allowing us a first look as the OS and menus of Nintendo’s newest hardware.

Upon boot-up, the red Switch logo appears, along with a new techno-jazz tune that has become standard for Nintendo games and hardware. We see all the standard start-up questions: language, region, time zone, user agreement. Next we see “Connect to TV,” but the user in the video declines. The user then showcases the Joy-Con controllers’ ability to be used connected to the Switch’s screen or separately, reminiscent of the Wii-mote and Nunchuk pairing. After picking an icon and username, options for parental controls appear, showing the continuation of Nintendo’s family friendly attitude.

After all the setup is done, the Switch loads in a tab-and-tile style menu, similar to the 3DS. The user scrolls through the tabs: News, Nintendo eShop, Album, Controllers and Settings, which featured options to make Miis, change the Switch’s theme, and a setting for Amibo support.

The “Data Management” setting gives us a glimpse at the Switch’s official storage capacity, 25.9 gigabytes in this case. While Nintendo did say that some storage space would be reserved for the system itself, this shows the system at 6 gigabytes lower than the advertised 32. The ability to choose TV screen resolution is shown, with the choice being “automatic” or 480p, meaning if you don’t own a 1080p TV, the Switch won’t be helping you play games in 1080p.

The video closes on the user putting the Switch to sleep and restarting it, the latter requiring three consecutive taps of the same button, a new feature of the Switch.

Sources: Neogaf

Image: Nintendo


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