Women just aren’t funny. Women aren’t as funny as men. And pretty women can’t be funny at all. These are the facts of life, article after article has claimed. Science backs this up: men have to be funny or else they’ll be forever alone.

Why do people think women aren’t funny? Especially within a society that highly values humor in romantic partners.

Is it because we have poor examples of female comedians (Amy Schumer?) Or because no one wants to hear crude humor from a lady?

With the rise of memes and nihilistic humor, maybe we’re post-gender when it comes to funnies. No matter what kind of jokes tickle your funny bone, this podcast is a hilarious listen!

Hosts: Daley Wilhelm, Tt Shinkan, Wes Womble

Logo by: Meghan Duffy and Daley Wilhelm

Music by: Jack McGinnis

Edited by: Daley Wilhelm

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