by Graham Taylor

Less than a week after they unveiled the Switch, Nintendo was back at it again with another Direct presentation, this time focusing on the Fire Emblem series.

Kicking off this Direct was the announcement of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, a game inspired by Fire Emblem: GaidenGaiden was the second Fire Emblem game, and this will be the first time it is released outside of Japan. While the turn-based, squad building action the series is known for will return, Echos will also introduce third person dungeon crawling. It will be out on May 19 for the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles.

Following that, Nintendo announced another new game in the series. While it has yet to be named, a new main title is in development for the Switch, the first home console release for the series in ten years.

Revealed at the Switch conference, Fire Emblem: Warriors was once again shown off. Not a lot of new information was featured, but fans did get a brief glimpse of gameplay (being similar to other Warrior games), and a release window of Fall 2017. On top of that, it was also announced that the game would be available for the New 3DS as well as for the Switch.

Finally, the presentation ended with a lengthy look at the upcoming mobile Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem :Heroes. The game will have players fighting mini turn-based battles on an 8×6 grid, and will have new characters as well as returning ones from most of the series’ main entries; some, however, will return as heroes, while others will become enemy combatants. Players will also be able to vote for new characters to be implemented into the game via a community vote. The game will offer micro transactions, and will be released on February 2 for Android devices, and “soon” for iOS users.

Despite being only 20 minutes long, Nintendo was able to offer up a lot of new information that is sure to keep fans more than excited for this coming year.

Update: Nintendo has confirmed a simultaneous release for Fire Emblem: Heroes.

Both versions of the game will release for Android and iOS devices on February 2.

Images: Businesswire, Techno Buffalo, Nintendo


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