We finally do it on this episode of the A-Team: we address the undeniable hit of the winter season: Yuri!!! On Ice, along with the other hit sports anime everyone is talking about: Keijo!!!!!!!! and All-Out!!

Other than their narratives being centered around a sport and their titles having excessive exclamation points, these anime couldn’t be any more different. They are remarkable examples of the different methods anime tackles sport-centered storylines.

Something else that connects vastly different sports anime: homoerotic undertones? Men embracing, men staring at each other, and full contact sports, we talk about it all.

We look at these new sports darlings and how sports anime has faired in the past on this high octane episode of The Anime A-Team!

Hosts: Daley Wilhelm, Aidan Hall, Conner Erwin

Music by: Lex Bravary

Logo by: Jacob Leonard

Edited by: Daley Wilhelm

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