Join the strangest assembly of all while we talk what gets people to the theaters: superhero movies. From blockbusters (Avengers) to busts (Spider-man 3) we get into detail of the Marvel formula and how the production effects the final product.

Dr. Strange recently mystified audiences, so join us as we give our review of magical handwaving, lackluster love interests, and trippy effects.

2017 promises to be another year of many, many super hero movies. What do we expect from Marvel? DC?

Whether you like the gritty darkness of DC or the multitude of titles from Marvel, this is the podcast for you.

Short on time? Check out our strangest Doctor Strange thoughts here on our Does It Suck video review of the movie.

Hosts: Wes Womble, Mitch Smolek, Tt Shinkan, Adam Sellers

Logo by: Meghan Duffy

Music by: Lex Bravary

Edited by: Daley Wilhelm

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