Admit it: we’ve all dreamed of designing our very own game. Today on our Byte Interview Special, we talk to two game designers who made that dream come true: Sarah Bishop and Becca Turgeon.

In our interview, we break down the complicated process of design and publishing, and Sarah and Becca’s unique experience in creating their mobile game for children, Grasshopper’s Winter.

Grasshopper’s Winter is “an all-ages mobile app about bugs and their busy lives, where players tap and hop their way through obstacles to guide Little Hopper through the winter” that Sarah and Becca created through the RIT Magic Center.

Curious about game design and where to start? Sarah and Becca walk us through game development from art direction to unexpected paperwork.

Hosts: Daley Wilhelm and Zachary Sexton

Music by: Jack McGinnis

Edited by: Daley Wilhelm

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