The Coven gathers to stir up the cauldron of issues surrounding women in the comics industry, especially with the Chelsea Cain situation.

It’s already obvious that the lion’s share of caped crusaders or masked heroes are male – so it’s no surprise when we find that there aren’t many ladies writing comics. Unfortunately, where we can find examples of women working in comics they’re often harassed on Twitter, another thing we’ve come to expect, and sexually harassed in their own workplace.

The comics industry continually proves itself to be a dangerous place for women: they might be threatened with rape online, bitten in their office, or fired because men doing the harassing and biting can’t control themselves.

Share in our shock and outrage at the current state of women in comics and rejoice in how far we’ve come in terms of diversity in one of our favorite nerdy medias.

But mostly be scared of Bitey the Clown.

Hosts: Daley Wilhelm, Matthew Yapp, Sarah James

Logo by: Meghan Duffy

Music by: Jack McGinnis

Edited by: Daley Wilhelm

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