This week on The Coven, we stir up the cauldron of issues within visual novels, and more infamously, dating sims.

Despite common mechanics, there are differences between dating sims and visual novels. Within dating sims lie we three witches’ concern about sexualization of women and underage girls, issues with consent, and whether or not these games foster a lack of empathy for women.

It’s been proven that video games don’t inherently make gamers violent–but could sexist games make their players sexist?

We also have an enchanting exchange on the issue ravaging Japan: no one wants to have sex. And virtual girlfriends might be to blame.

Sit down for a spell and listen to this episode of The Coven!

Hosts: Daley Wilhelm, Courtney Tuchman, Kathleen Eastham

Logo by: Meghan Duffy

Music by: Jack McGinnis

Edited by: Daley Wilhelm

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