by Ian Pemberton 

Blizzard has leaked selective information about the anticipated new hero for Overwatch, Sombra. The elusive hacker-themed character has been teased by Blizzard for months now, feeding the community small bits of information through increasingly cryptic augmented reality games (ARGs). Despite the most recent ARG hitting a bit of a dry spell recently, fans may have unintentionally gotten confirmation of the new character’s appearance.

sombra-art2A piece of concept art that was signed by character designer and concept artist John Polidora was posted on the Blizzard gear store’s website earlier in the day and was deleted shortly thereafter. This piece of art pretty much all but confirms the leaked in-game still of Sombra that was floating around last month.

sombra_leakBased off the image, Sombra definitely has ability to not just hack and control the sentient robotic omnics, but unmanned mech suits as well. As to how this ability plays out in the game, we will just have to wait and see, as Blizzard has stayed rather quiet on the mysterious hero and her kit.

With the concept art being already prepared on Blizzard’s website, an announcement could easily be right around the corner. With Blizzcon going on this weekend, it would not be too surprising to see the purple hacker make her first public appearance.

Source: Blizzard



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