by Ian Pemberton

Hugh Jackman takes up his last appearance as X-Men’s Wolverine in the next installment in the franchise, Logan


The movie is set in the year 2024, and is based loosely off of the Old Man Logan story arc. Joining Wolverine will be his young clone, Laura (portrayed by Sienna Novikov), as they journey to defeat an unnamed corporation threatening the world. Patrick Stewart also reprises his role as Professor Xavier, apparently suffering from Alzheimer’s and losing his memory.

Nathaniel Essex opposes Logan, although comic book fans might know him more familiarly as Mister Sinister.

Jackman has stated that he plans on leaving the franchise after Logan, saying in the past that the workout routine is very taxing. “I don’t know how many more egg white omelettes I can eat,” he humorously said to an interviewer in 2015. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

Sources: ET



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