by Dalton Martin

The years may have started coming and didn’t stop coming since the last installment to the Shrek saga back in 2010, but it has been revealed that everyone’s favorite ogre with a brogue accent is one step closer to returning to the big screen, and this time, things may get a little groovy baby.

In an interview with The Hollywood News, Shrek veterans Walt Dohrn and Mike Mitchell revealed that screenwriter Michael McCullers will pen Shrek 5. Being no stranger to projects involving Mike Myers, McCullers has previously written for both Saturday Night Live and the second and third Austin Powers movies.

In the interview, Mitchell seemed hopeful of the future project stating, “They’ve got a pretty good story, It’s being written by Michael McCullers who wrote [for]the Austin Powers films. He came up with a really great idea that they’re exploring.”

Dohrn also added, “There’s more story to tell there and we’re ready to help tell it for sure.”

Later in the interview Mitchell confirmed another sequel to one of his other movies, the 2005 adventure comedy Sky High. “It’s between [Shrek 5] and we’re working on a sequel to Sky High. We’ll see how that goes.”

With these two announcements, it seems as though the nostalgia train is still going full steam ahead in Hollywood and it should be interesting to see if the popularity of both can garner a box office success whenever they release in the distant future.




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