Live and in person, the A-Team discusses when anime goes wrong, or rather, when anime is made into a live action film or TV show.

How far are anime-esque effects allowed to go in the wake of their live action constraints? We go over how realistic we feel titans need to be, the fact that Luna is a human/stuffed animal in the live action Sailor Moon remake (?!), and how much we’re looking forward to Willem DaFoe as Ryuk the Shinigami we all know and love.

Give us a live action listen and be amazed at what beloved anime has been made into living, breathing film.

Hosts: Daley Wilhelm, Courtney Tuchman, and Emily Rueben

Logo by: Jacob Leonard

Music by: Lex Bravary

Edited by: Daley Wilhelm

You can listen to us LIVE on iTunes.


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